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    Love, Health, Money…


If you are in the wonderful moment of life, where  you are LOOKING FOR GROWTH processes  AND PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT; I imagine it is because you are looking for something specific that you need.

I also started my growth processes when I started SEARCHING

The point is that most of the time, we don't even know what we're looking for.


We just go looking. We believe that a better job to have more money; a better partner to have a happier life; a better doctor to cure us of some ailment; a better religion that gives us a little more spiritual support before so many difficult situations that we go through in life... etc.


In short, these are some of the motivations that make us always be in that INFINITE SEARCH FOR WELL-BEING


But like everything in life, until the TRUE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM is found, you can spend your entire life just SEARCHING.


When you go to the doctor with pain, the first thing he should do is DIAGNOSE THE DISEASE  before giving you a prescription with the MEDICATIONS OR THE APPROPRIATE TREATMENT.


To do this, the doctor uses tools such as a blood test, an X-ray, a scanner, in short... all the aids that technology and science have been developing for these purposes.


After having detected where the problem is, and giving it its OWN NAME AND SURNAME  to the disease, then YES! can make the recipe for THE RIGHT TREATMENT.

But when we talk about other types of diseases, I specifically refer to PAINS  OF THE SOUL, we must do exactly the same.


If there is no clear diagnosis, with your own name and surname; you can say to yourself all types of prayers and/or prayers that have been and will be; you can invent all the trips, parties or give yourself all kinds of pleasures; that these will only serve as “entertainment”.

For me this word means: BETWEEN SO MUCH I LIE TO YOU.  And when you least realize it, your life has passed, the disease of the soul is eating you alive; and you enter those states of lethargy where you are literally DEAD IN LIFE, without having a sense of enjoying the simple fact of being alive.


I know that this is possibly not your case; but if it was mine at some point in life, until I said NO MORE!  and I said YES  to my inner health  and this led me not only to have to work, study, know, prepare and experience many processes in my own flesh to reach my Integral Health; but also to become a woman who dedicates her life to helping other people to HEAL THEIR SOUL.


I am not a psychologist but I have studied for more than 15 years everything related to human behavior and the relationship with God, through natural emotional health counseling and pastoral counseling.


I do not consider myself a healer, the work I do goes far beyond doctrine, belief or religious rites; but I do consider myself a channel of God, a medium, a transmitter of the tools that led me to FIND  AND I UNDERLINE THIS WORD: FIND. My own medicines, treatments and tools.


I am not a doctor of the body, but I do consider myself a NURSE OF THE SOUL; because in the end evolution, development, and growth are about that, about FINDING  and not spend your whole life looking for nothing else.


Some of the diagnoses that I found in my own life of the illnesses of my own soul have to do with:













    Low self-esteem


    Grief for Great Losses


    emotional fractures


    Chains of Bitterness


    past wounds






    Unforgiveness (RESENTMENT)*

Just to name a few. I have dedicated 25 years of my life to CONSCIOUSLY OVERCOMING EACH OF THEM  although I confess that at first I didn't even know *what* I was doing, much less *what* for.


Friend of the road, the only thing I can tell you with all my soul, is that every effort was worth it. My reward: “INNER PEACE”  That PEACE that surpasses all understanding.


Now I dedicate myself to ACCOMPANY (YOU) in those wonderful Inner Health processes to achieve Comprehensive Health and therefore INNER PEACE.


This is not for everyone, I admit; many times it is not even because you are looking for it, but because life itself gets out of control and touches you by force, as it happened to me at the beginning.


I want to offer you an *ONLINE WORKSHOP - SUPPORT PROGRAM  special for you to start or follow YOUR INNER HEALTH PROCESSES.


$147.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

    2. 12  MEDITATIONS, to accompany the process. 

    3.DIGITAL CD  MUSIC WITH A PURPOSE, Medicine for the Soul.  

        (Compilation of my best original songs).


    4. AN APPOINTMENT by phone directly  with me (SPIRITUAL COUNSELING)  for you to start your Inner Health processes)


    5. I GIVE YOU AS A SUPER BONUS: THE ENCOUNTER WITH GOD WORKSHOP, as a complement for your Spiritual health. 

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