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MUSIC WITH A PURPOSE  is a musical program for spiritual growth, which aims to touch the strings of your soul, elevate your essence so that you feel the presence of God's love in your life and help you in processes of inner healing, liberation from chains of bitterness and fill you with inner peace.

It is a mission that was given to me after having read Wayne Dyer's famous book "The Purpose Driven Life" for 40 days.


Through music magazines, I deliver the best of my voice, my soul and my heart in each song, each message, reflections, prayers and music, some original compositions and other covers of great composers who also have the same purpose in their music.


GOD IN ME, is the compilation of  9  of the best liturgical and religious themes that have been sung for centuries in the Catholic Church, plus an original theme by María Carolina AlbánÑ Dios en MI, winner of the International Song Festival in California, in the category of best religious theme and religious composition unpublished 


These themes will touch your soul and bring you that inner peace that the celebration of the Eucharist brings.

With love



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    one.  Hail Mary (Raphael)
    two.  How not to believe in God
    3.  Relief. (Wash me with your blood)
    Four.  God in me.
    5.  light a candle
    6.  I want to praise you
    7.  Are you.
    8.  Chosen one.
    9.  Jesus Christ
    10. Hail Mary (Schubert)

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