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Maria Carolina Alban. Mcalban. Spiritual Singer and Songwriter

Maria Carolina Alban

Hello friend of the road, thanks for being and being here. I am María Carolina Albán, a woman like any other, who has simply received a gift, a divine gift and a call to serve God through the writings, compositions and music from heaven that God has given me to help you in your Soul Healing processes.  

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a tireless seeker of   essence of the human being, life and its relationship with God.

- Bachelor of Music.  University of the Valley, Cali Colombia.

- Expert Vocalist and Corporal Expression. Valdiri Musical Technical Institute. Cali, Colombia.

- Singer and Composer of Spiritual Music and Message.

- Certified Natural Emotional Health Counselor. Royal International Institute. Miami FL

- Certified Counselor in Temperaments.  National Association of Christian Counseling

- Practitioner in Personality Profile.  SoarGlobal Institute. Orlando, FL

- Instructor of Singing and Corporal Expression. MUSIC THERAPIST

-  Creator of the program MUSIC WITH A PURPOSE, Medicine for the Soul.


winner  of several international message song festivals.


Writer of articles for international magazines and several books, including ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, and THE POWER OF HIS VOICE .


With his music and knowledge, he shares workshops in group sessions and/or  personalized, seminars, conferences,  both online and in person.


CREATOR OF THE METHOD YES!. A perfect match for Development  Personal, human behavior and therapeutic effects of music and singing for stress management;  release of negative emotions and chain of bitterness, overcoming  fears and thus come to have INterior Health = Comprehensive Health.  

"I want to tell you that I am the first evidence of this life purpose.

That is why for me music is already a path; a lifestyle and a mission that God has given me.

More than being a professional job, it is my living essence, given to humanity. My objective is that

MUSIC WITH PURPOSE, be Medicine for the Soul ".


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Maria Carolina Alban. Mcalban. Spiritual Singer and Songwriter
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