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What consequences has it brought to your life?

If you are in the wonderful moment of life, where you are looking for processes of growth, evolution and personal, mental, emotional and even spiritual development; I imagine it is because you are looking for something specific.


I also started my growth processes when I started to _ *SEARCH* _

The point is that most of the time, we don't even know what we're looking for.

We just go looking.


We believe that a better job to have more money; a better partner to have a happier life; a better doctor to cure us of some ailment; a better religion that gives us a little more spiritual support before so many difficult situations that we go through in life... etc.


Anyway, these are some of the motivations that make us always be in that *INFINITE SEARCH FOR WELL-BEING*


But like everything in life, until you find _ *THE TRUE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM* _, you can spend your whole life just *SEARCHING* .


When you go to the doctor with a pain, the first thing he should do is * DIAGNOSE THE DISEASE * before giving you a medical prescription with the * MEDICINES OR APPROPRIATE TREATMENT *.


To do this, the doctor uses tools such as a blood test, an X-ray, a scanner, in short... all the aids that technology and science have been developing for these purposes.


After having detected where the problem is, and giving *OWN NAME AND LAST NAME* to the disease, then YES! you can make the recipe for *THE RIGHT TREATMENT* .

But when we talk about other types of illnesses, specifically I refer to _ *THE ILLNESSES OF THE SOUL* _, we must do exactly the same.


In the video I speak specifically about one of the EMOTIONAL FRACTURES that brings greater or the worst consequences for any HUMAN BEING: "THE ABANDONMENT"



  • ​  What kind of abandonment have you suffered?

  •   Who and at what point in your life have you been abandoned?

  •   Build the history of the abandonment so that the causes are revealed to you

  •   What have been the consequences that abandonment has brought to your life?

  •   What actions can you take to start an INNER HEALTH process.  

If you are interested in having more information about this ONLINE WORKSHOP program, which has a first phase of 7 days, of preparation and then you can  to know a little more about  my methodology, my principles and my way of accompanying you, in addition to my *"musical medicine"*; and you decide if you can and want to continue with the rest of the program.


You have nothing to lose and if all PEACE, to gain. That I can assure you.

If you think this is your moment and you want to give yourself a *YES! to your Inner Health, to your Integral Health*; send me a message to the following link, which will take you directly to my whastapp


If you want to make a PRE-REGISTRATION you must fill out the form on the button that appears below with the following information:



    Name and surname






    Whatsapp number


    Occupation, trade or profession


    What is your interest or purpose in wanting to participate in the program?


If you want, you can record a short audio or a video of no more than 3 minutes telling me a little about your story.


Someone from my team will contact you to explain the registration process and answer any questions you may have.


I'll wait for you at the McAlban ONline Workshop *MEETING* .


With love


Maria Carolina Alban

Natural Emotional Health Counselor


If you want more INFORMATION

Thanks for submitting!

Without it, it is impossible to advance in life, since resentments keep the soul at a point of stagnation and paralysis, where life does not advance. 
This workshop is a beautiful opportunity to start unblocking the blockages you have in the "Development of Your Life Project"
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